Transform the prison world of violence into a creator of humanity and peace

Yes! I create the sustainable positive transformation today that creates our best neighbors tomorrow.

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You now have witnessed the incredible possibilities in creating sustainable positive transformation for our incarcerated population. The life-changing event you just experienced is just the beginning. In addition to TEDxDonovanCorrectional, we bring entrepreneurship & project incubation, conflict resolution and compassion training to the Donovan men. As we believe that we are best served by ourselves, these programs are requested, ideated and driven by the men themselves, with the support of subject-matter experts with 20+ years expertise in their respective areas. The men speak of a dramatic change on the yard over the past year. And by June, we'll have four members of our Brilliance Inside family on the streets.

Let's continue supporting the men's thirst for metamorphosis to become the human beings they simply never had a chance to be before.

If you're interested in becoming a Premium Sponsor or know someone who is passionate about bringing peace into prison and the world, please contact me directly.

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